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eastern shore Virginia traffic defense attorney


A certain breed of lawyer is known for chasing police cruisers and ambulances to car crash scenes, intending to represent the victims and score wins in a potentially profitable personal injury cases.

The same entrepreneurial spirit thrives at the opposite end of the legal big-money spectrum: traffic tickets. But in this growing market, it’s the speeders and drunk drivers who are chasing the lawyers to represent them.

The firms have names such as route 13 Virginia traffic attorney.

The ticket specialists
These traffic ticket lawyers often devote their entire practice to traffic tickets, sometimes handling hundreds per day. Some even offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to get your fine reduced or keep the ticket off your record.

“We take whomever we want, and it’s just built into the system that if there are errors on the ticket, it gets dismissed,” says Mitchell Frank, who has been a traffic ticket attorney in Plantation, Florida, for more than a decade. “If there are no mistakes, then it’s not going to be dismissed, but they still might get out of the points and the school and get a reduced fine, like a reward for a good record.”

But do traffic lawyers deliver the goods?

“Can they get the tickets dismissed? Yes, because they know the technicalities in reckless driving route 13 Virginia” says Brenda Di Ioia, chief traffic magistrate for Broward County Courts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“They also know which ones they can’t get dismissed,” she adds. “When the ticket is perfect, nobody is going to be able to do anything for you, so they plea (bargain) those. The attorneys are great if you don’t have time to go to court or if your driving record isn’t great.”

So how do they do it? How can they afford to do it?

We’ll ask a couple of them. But first, the realities of traffic court.

The ticket trap
You probably aren’t aware of it, but when you receive a moving violation, you enter the complex machinery of your local municipal or county traffic court, where negotiation is more the rule than the exception.

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Virginia Beach DUI Attorney

The lawyers have handled an unfathomable amount of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases in their time, and have a deep understanding of the various law enforcement agencies and the judges you will stand in front of. Even more importantly, our attorneys understand that the best possible defense starts well in advance of any court date. There are certain questions that our DWI/DUI defense attorneys know that you are considering.After a personal meeting, we would love to answer these questions for you:

  • Will I spend time in jail? Am I going to lose my license?
  • How long will I be on probation?
  • Will I have to put a deep-lung device (interlock) on my car?
  • Will I have to wear an ankle bracelet (SCRAM device)?
  • Did the officer have to read me my rights?
  • Did the officer violate the law when he pulled me over?
  • How much will this charge cost me financially?

The answers to all of these questions will depend strongly on your individual case, which further emphasizes the need for anyone arrested on an alcohol related charge to seek experienced legal counsel, such as the lawyers, where we offer a free consultation.

DWI/DUI Defense Attorneys

The penultimate question begging an answer when it comes to DWI & DUI cases is, “Is my case worth fighting?” The attorneys firmly believe that you should almost always fight an alcohol related charge because it is a criminal charge that cannot receive deferred disposition by statute. Not fighting it WILL result in a conviction, which is why we recommend sitting down with our DWI/DUI defense attorneys to start the process of fighting for your rights.

You owe it to yourself to contact adept Virginia Beach DUI Defense Attorney. You deserve the best defense.